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The AGM is past and we are still stoically enduring the heat and humidity of this time of year. The most radical thing to come out of the AGM was the decision to accommodate those sections of the club preferring either morning or afternoon tabs in.





Our club is changing …. Saturday morning bowls will now be played as TABS IN ON SATURDAY AFTERNOONS. This falls in line with clubs all over the country, and it is felt will encourage younger people/people who work to play bowls. Televised sport has been used as an argument for too long; we can all record what we want to watch and Saturday afternoon leads on to socializing in the clubhouse – a benefit to our CC and to the membership in general.


We will be playing our first Saturday afternoon game on the 15th October, 1.30 for 2 pm, in uniform.


The October MIXED FOURS is this Sunday coming. Sponsorship to the tune of a generous R3000 is going to be provided by Storage City. We are still battling with only one green available but the B green is on schedule and is looking promising. Sign up your team for Sunday or have a word with Joan – space is limited and preference, rightly, is given to visitors but we need you too!


The CLINIC: come and dabble with improving your drawing/weight control on Friday afternoons at 4 pm. Each rink will be set up with jacks at different levels and different challenges and you will work your way up and down the green – it’s fun and innovative and good for your bowls. Everyone is welcome but it is demanding. I’m just saying ….


The year flies: we are already planning our end of year PRIZE GIVING DINNER which is set for November 19th. Lists for the tables and seating will be on the board soon and the evening will be excellent, as usual.



It is interesting at times to read up the official version of etiquette. We all, having played this game, know more or less what is required of the polite bowler – and after all it is a question of good manners – but the official booklet has some interesting reminders.


I am going to pick out various sections of the book, starting with the manners expected of leads:


It is the custom for the lead’s bowl to be placed alongside of him while he is centering the jack. This is mainly the duty of the opposing lead while he is instrumental along with the seconds in gathering together the bowls – everybody gathering or helping to gather the bowls.


Everyone. It is irritating to find that some members of the team do nothing about collecting bowls. While the seconds are responsible for keeping score on the board there is still plenty of time to assist with the kicking or gathering together the bowls so that they can be moved by foot or by sweeper to the rear of the green.


The lead whose job it is to send the jack, however, should go straight for the mat, pick it up from the bank, place the mat and send the jack to his skip’s feet. Leaving the kicking of bowls to the others. This keeps the rhythm of the game going without unnecessary delays.


And very importantly, the lead on the mat should make an effort to send the jack precisely to where his skip is standing. The skip is standing where he wants to for a calculated reason – a short, medium or long end – according to the prowess of the game.


The mat itself should be placed at the discretion of the skip. Ideally, a lead should wait for his skip to gesture where he wants it.


Having done this and sent his bowls (hopefully accurately) to the jack, the lead steps back and minds his manners. This does not mean that he is lowly or inferior to any other team member; but a lead has nothing to do with the reading of the head either while the thirds and skips are playing or afterwards when shots are being worked out. The lead’s job at that time is to quietly gather together bowls that are not in contention without interfering in any measuring or discussion – however, as a team player if he has a serious observation to make there is nothing wrong with a lead quietly whispering to the third – something like “I think it’s a good measure” or “the second dropped a bowl onto my head just now” …..

Bowls News

Twenty seven Mt Edgecombe bowls members gathered together for the first of the Thursday afternoon tabs in games. Tuesday morning games remain unchanged but tabs in times for Thursdays have been altered to 1.30 for 2 pm.


Both days are now designated mixed – in the past ladies played with ladies on Tuesdays, mixed bowls on Thursdays.


Generally on this first Thursday it was felt how pleasant it was to play in the cool of the late afternoon after tea, and how enjoyably sociable it was to linger after the game for a drink in the clubhouse.


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