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Bowls News 1st August

Last week the Finals of the Mens Singles was played by Basil Fraser and Dirk Van Niekerk. It was a most amazing game; each player concentrated to their limits and the score inched up, neither conceding more than one two points at a time. On the twentieth end the score was a heart stopping twenty/twenty!
Somebody had to lose – one of those situations where both players deserved full honours … and Dirk had two shots against Basil’s unfortunate ever so slightly short bowls. 
Well done to both of them. Commiserations to Basil, congratulations to Dirk. The spectators (unfortunately very few – guys, you lost out by not coming to watch this splendid game) – the spectators there were transfixed.
Below: Basil Fraser (left) and Dirk Van Niekerk (right) at the scoreboard. In the heat of the moment we had them standing on the wrong side. Dirk was the winner of the Finals and goes forward this coming weekend to play in the Champion of Champions for Mt Edgecombe. Our lady finalist is Lizette Loudon. We wish them both all the very best and we know that they will give their all to this important tournament.

Bowls News

A little bird told me that Mike Gierke recently had a small problem disengaging his golf cart from the pavilion chairs and tables. A certain mischievous person, who shall remain nameless, slyly switched his forward and reverse gear to an unexpected direction – more than once.  Mike and his cart went backwards and forwards amongst the tables and chairs – no harm done but much hilarity ensued …..

Mens Golf Section – MECC NEWSLETTER

Dear Golfers


Collect your New Handicap Card:

Handicap Network Africa, recently launched the new (black) handicap cards and most golfers have collected and activated the new card already. However, there are still some MECC Members who are using the old (grey) handicap card. It is urgent that you collect your new handicap card from Winnie in the Proshop, as the old cards will be deactivated at the end of July 2016.

From 1 August 2016, only the new (black) cards will work on the handicap terminals at all the clubs.

If, for some reason, you are not able to collect your new handicap card by 1 August 2016, you will still be able to access the handicap system using your manual login details on the handicap terminal, mobile phone app and the website.

MECC will be able to locate your login details under the ‘Accounts’ – ‘My Players’ section of the club’s administration website.


Golf Course Rating:
Course rating is, of course, the key component of any handicap system because it is the mechanism that allows golfers playing at different difficulty courses and off different difficulty tees to have equivalent handicaps, since all scores entered on the handicap system are calculated from the tee rating and not the Par of the course. The better or more accurate the rating system, the less variance there will be of the handicaps of golfers with the same ability.

While the distance of a hole is a major factor in establishing its relative difficulty, there are many other factors that play an important role in evaluating one hole against another and one tee against another.

The USGA’s course rating system has been adopted by the whole world as the standard rating system. It takes into account numerous factors when rating a hole, such as the expected landing area for a tee shot for both a scratch golfer as well as an 18 handicapper. It also analyses obstacles to get to the landing area, how wide the fairways are, how close the hazards are, how high the normal rough is, the slope of the fairways, out of bounds, and other factors.

The second shots are then also rated, along with hazards around the green, the size of the green, the slopes on the green, and the speed of the green, to name some of the factors that have to be evaluated.

The system then gives the hole, and course, a rating for a scratch golfer as well as the higher handicap golfer, and the difference is effectively the slope of the course. So a course with a high slope rating means that it is much harder for a higher handicapped golfer than the scratch golfer, while a course with a low slope rating means that the rating is not that different for a scratch golfer relative to a higher handicapped golfer.

Once the slope rating system is adopted by a country, handicaps are adjusted for a tee according to its slope rating.

Rating each tee and each hole at a course takes a three-man, experienced volunteer team at least half a day and they are usually expected to play the course as well – so the whole process takes a full day. It is therefore likely to take a few years before all the courses are rated.

Golf RSA has recently contracted former Western Province Director of Golf Eric Lefson to coordinate the course rating programme. Eric will assist the Provincial Unions by training and assisting the Union rating teams, and will also look to train rating teams that can assist some of the smaller unions.

Course rating teams are made up of volunteers who have the time to be trained in how to rate courses and are able to devote a few days a month to rating courses. The Unions refund the volunteers for their traveling and other expenses and the courses usually provide a complimentary round of golf. The SAGA and the Provincial Unions would welcome volunteers, especially from some of the smaller towns and unions, who would be interested in getting involved in course rating in their areas.

If you are interested in assisting please send your details by emailing Eric at



The eLAN KZN Closed Golf Championships were recently held at Kloof Country Club and a few of our MECC Golfers took part.

2016 ELAN KZN CLOSED – KLOOF – 23 & 24 July


Congratulations to winners:

Winner:  COMBRINK SMITH – Vryheid CC  –  283

Runner up:  JASON BROOMHEAD –  Durban CC – 287

Third Place:  GREGORY MCKAY – MECC – 289


Congratulations must also go to Luke Mayo, Greg McKay and Siyanda Mwandla who were selected for the 2016 KZN Inter Provincial Team and also to

Aneurin Gounden who was selected as a Reserve. Well done Guys, and we wish you all the best down at the Fish River Sun.


The 2016 KZN Inter Provincial Team selected for the Tournament at Fish River Sun GC from 19-23 September is as follows

Gavin Sole (Captain)   Southbroom GC

Jason Broomhead       Durban CC

Luke Mayo                   Mt Edgecombe CC

Greg McKay                 Mt Edgecombe CC

Clayton Mansfield        Durban CC

Malcolm Mitchell          Kloof CC

Siyanda Mwandla        Mt Edgecombe CC

Matt Saulez                  Durban CC



Combrink Smit              Vryheid CC

Aneurin Gounden         Mt Edgecombe CC


I Curlewis                            (Manager)





Lifting and Dropping



Question 1:

  1. a) If a player’s ball lies in the rough against an immovable obstruction may they drop their ball on the fairway providing it is within the permitted area of relief?

Yes, there is no distinction in the Rules between fairway and rough; both are covered by the term ‘through the green.’ NOTE: ‘through the green’ does NOT included any hazards or bunkers.


  1. b) If a player’s ball lies on the fairway and the Committee has introduced a Local Rule for preferred lies that permits placing the ball within 12 inches not nearer the hole, may the player place their ball in the rough, providing it is within the permitted area of relief?

Yes, as in a) above.


Note: Interestingly, the only time that the word ‘fairway’ is mentioned in the Rules of Golf is in Rule 25-2 – Embedded Ball:

A ball embedded in its own pitch-mark in the ground in any closely mown area through the green may be lifted, cleaned and dropped, without penalty, as near as possible to the spot where it lay but not nearer the hole. The ball when dropped must first strike a part of the course through the green. “Closely mown area” means any area of the course, including paths through the rough, cut to fairway height or less.



Question 2:

  1. a) Does a player incur a penalty if they play a ball which they have dropped when the Rules required that it must be placed?

Yes, Decision 20-6/1, penalty of loss of hole in match play or two strokes in stroke play.


  1. b) Does a player incur a penalty if they play a ball which they have placed when the Rules required that it must be dropped?

Yes, Decision 20-6/1, penalty of loss of hole in match play or two strokes in stroke play.


  1. c) A ball has been incorrectly dropped when it should have been placed. Assuming that it has not been played may the player lift it without penalty?
    Yes, Rule 20-6.

Rule 20-6 states;

  • A ball incorrectly substituted, dropped or placed in a wrong place or otherwise not in accordance with the Rules but not played may be lifted, without penalty, and the player must then proceed correctly.





WEDNESDAY: 3 August 2016


RESIDENTS GOLF – Played every Wednesday Afternoon


This is open to all Residents and Members at MECC.


If you would like to play please be at the Putting Green on Course 1 by 11.15am.

Place a Golf Ball into a Bag ready for the draw at 11.25am.


THURSDAY: 4 August 2016

Course:     Course Two (2)


Club Competition Format:  Betterball Stableford


Shotgun Start – Midday


SATURDAY: 6 August 2016

Course:    Course Two (2)


Club Competition Format:   Fourball Alliance



LEAGUE 2016:

Nothing to report




Thursday 28 July 2016 :    Course 1

Competition:     Betterball Stableford


Winners:         1st Place:    Tony Carnecky and Ian Klintworth –   46 Points

2nd Place:    Roger Homan and Pete Smith –   45 Points  oco

3rd Place:     Steele Slater and Conrad Buchner –  45 Points

4th Place:     Brad Scott and Slade Mansfield  –   44 Points oco

5th Place:      Ricky Brown and Pieter Venter – 44 points

6th Place:      Doug Aitken and Andre Schoeman – 43 Points



Saturday 30 July 2016:    Course 1

Competition:             Monthly Medal – July 2016



Morning Field:

‘A’ Division

1st Place:    Graham Paocher – 71 nett


‘B’ Division

1st Place:     Dawie Barnard – 66 nett oco

2nd Place:     Gavin Brown – 66 nett

3rd Place:     Muthusamy Chetti – 71 nett


‘C’ Division

1st Place:     Tony Cheves – 72 nett oco

2nd Place:     Ronnie Hales – 72 nett

3rd Place:     Alfred Hinteregger – 72 nett




Afternoon Field:

‘A’ Division

1st Place:     Peter Taylor – 68 nett

2nd Place:     Mike Houston – 72 nett

3rd Place:     Greg Baverstock – 77 nett


‘B’ Division

1st Place:     Gary Harris – 68 nett

2nd Place:     Bruce Hopewell – 69 nett

3rd Place:     Jerry Rockey – 70 nett


‘C’ Division

1st Place:     Bobby Hex – 69 nett

2nd Place:     Phil Hollick – 70 nett oco

3rd Place:     Jose Coelho – 70 nett




‘A’ Division :          Peter Taylor : 68 nett

‘B’ Division :          Dawie Barnard: 66 nett

‘C’ Division:          Bobby Hex : 69 nett





Friday 29 July 2016:

Competition:              Betterball Stableford


Winners:                    C Botha and W Rose – 46 points


Well Done to all the winners this past week.






Cell:   0832300566




CK No. 1997/064138/23

F.S.P. License No.: 15220
4 Palm Boulevard, 2A West Palm, Gateway, 4321

P.O  Box 20718, Durban North, 4016

TEL : (031) 566 5751
FAX : (031) 566 2238



If you have any ideas or suggestions please send them to


Please remember to play more rounds of golf, so let’s see you out there playing on both our beautiful courses. No Excuses!!


Thanks and see you on the Course !!


Peter Taylor

Men’s Captain

Flooded Bowling Greens

In case you missed it, this was the lower bowling green on Monday during that rainy afternoon. Unbelievable – and what it developed into later that evening when the real downpour happened … would have been interesting but we were mostly, one would think, fending off flooding in our own homes just then.

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