Dear Residents & Members

The Mount Edgecombe Country Club Angling Section (MECCAS) takes fish conservation and education on our beautiful Estate very seriously, not only to preserve our delicate fish ecosystems but to increase your chances of catching a fish! A love of fishing and a love of nature typically go hand in hand and so by definition many people living on the Estate are keen anglers but please remember owning a home on the Estate still means you need to join the Angling section and understand the Do’s and Don’ts. Our young anglers need a helping hand to fish responsibly.

Experts from our angling section take many details into account, including population size, breeding patterns, spawning season, habitats, and most importantly sustainability of our delicate fish populations. It is for this reason that Catch and Release is encouraged. If you are teaching a young child to fish, please don’t forget to discuss the importance of fish conservation.  In addition, teach your child to respect the land and water.  Cleaning up your trash, picking up litter and following the Angling guidelines are great ways to protect our Estate’s waters and environment.

Another very important aspect of angling on the Estate is that our lakes, dams and ponds are within our golf courses and therefore safety, particularly the safety of our little fishermen is extremely important. We share our Estate with Golfers and they need to be respected as well.

For the conservation of our fish on the Estate and for the safety of all our Members please read the constitution and rules on the website ( It is important to note that to fish on the lakes and ponds on the Estate, you must become a member of the Mount Edgecombe Country Club Angling Section. Contact Loshini (031 539 5330) at the MECC admin office, Clubhouse.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Desiree Stone                                            Ron Duckworth
Club Manager                                            Chairman of Angling


The following FAQ’s will hopefully go some way to improving the understanding of our angling setup and the rules by which it is managed.

1. Who may fish in the waters of the MECC Estates?  
Membership of MECCAS entitles its members to fish on the Estate. Acceptance of membership indicates the member’s acceptance of the MECCAS constitution and supplementary rules and his/her undertaking to abide by same.
Residency / Membership of MECC does not automatically permit one to fish in the lakes/ponds.

2. Who can join MECCAS?
ADULT ( >18 years old) members of MECC may apply to join, however, the number of members is limited to 135 at any given time in order to ensure that fish stocks are maintained in accordance with the number of lakes/ponds and angling locations on the Mount Edgecombe Country Club Property. This number was determined by the MECCAS Committee in conjunction with MECC and Estate Management and is reviewed from time to time as needed.

3. Why are children not allowed to join MECCAS?
The MECC insurance requires MECCAS members to sign an indemnity and only persons over 18 can do so. Children may fish as guests of a parent who is a member.

4. How does one join MECCAS?
Contact Loshini (031 539 5330) at the MECC admin office on Estate 1. To assist MECC and MECCAS to control the fishing activities on the Estates, all applicants are required to complete a MECCAS application form, sign an indemnity and pay an entry and annual fishing licence fee.

5. Will I get my MECCAS membership immediately?
If the number of MECCAS members has reached 135, an applicant will go onto a waiting list and as soon as a vacancy arises, will be contacted by Loshini. Membership is granted in the order that applications are received.

6. How are MECCAS members identified?
On acceptance of membership, each new member receives a copy of the constitution, supplementary rules, maps, club cap and club identity card. The cap/id must be worn/carried whilst fishing.

7. Where and when is fishing allowed?
The shores of our lakes and ponds are all classified into 3 zones, see the example below:
 RED – no fishing allowed at all. These are generally in front of residences and in the Watershed precinct.
 YELLOW – restricted areas and times. These areas generally encroach on the golf course and fishing is only allowed outside of normal golf hours, i.e early morning and late afternoon /evening.
 GREEN – no restrictions. This area can be fished from early morning to late evening, even during golfing hours.

For full details of when fishing is allowed in each zone (Summer and Winter are different), please visit Scroll to “Angling”, click on “Constitution and rules” and go to Page 5. Aerial photos showing shoreline zoning of all lakes on Estates 1 and 2 (as per the above example) are viewable and downloadable from the website. These photo links are next to the “Constitution and rules” link.

8. Can I bring a guest to fish with me? MECCAS rules allow a member to entertain 2 guests. The member MUST be present with the guests at all times and is responsible for their conduct.

9. Can I fish from watercraft? No, angling is only allowed from the shore.

10. Who controls the affairs of MECCAS?
Each year at the MECCAS AGM a committee is elected to manage and control the affairs of MECCAS. This committee is also empowered to introduce and change supplementary rules as needed.

For more information and membership application please contact Loshini | Tel. 031 539 5330 | Email.