Get Well!

First and foremost our sympathy to a much loved member who has broken her leg. Bette Blom had an unfortunate accident and is laid up with a knee fracture. We wish her a speedy recovery and a return not only to bowls but to us all as a community; take care, Bette, and never give up. (Bette was skip of the winning team in the recent Ladies Drawn Trips club competition – with Marilyn Adcock and Lucy Pienaar).

Womens League:

The Inter Club Womens League is on the horizon. So far we have struggled to sign up the eight required players for the two teams. Last year we did well, coming second in our section. Come on, where is our competitive spirit? The League involves a few Saturday afternoons, that’s all.


Basil is looking for the book on green management – anyone seen it? And our missing jacks? They cost nowadays R290 each, not a frivolous outlay. We have 12 white jacks and 1 yellow – not enough for two full greens. If anyone comes across any elderly jack perhaps languishing in someones old set of bowls, please donate. And pushers – Ray complains that they are sometimes roughly handled and broken. He had to repair 5 of them recently.

Facilities & Equipment:

An interesting point: as we as a club fly a flag, we are officially affiliated to the governing Port Natal body and as such, social members who do not pay an affiliation fee are not allowed to compete in anything other than our own tabs or internal competitions – with the exception of club Singles, as the winner of that will compete against all other Natal Singles club champions and as such cannot be a social member. This is the rule. Plus the fact that social members must pay green fees for each game, and tea.

It has been noted that our floodlights are occasionally been used illegally by unknown people – illegally in that nothing is paid, and the keys for the tabs room go walk about. It seems unnecessary to say that only a few people are issued with these keys; and there should be a set in the keeping of the receptionist – but this set of keys has vanished.

New Competition:

Plans for a monthly floodlight competition are in the pipeline. This should be fun; probably mid week – but details are to follow. Get togethers of this nature have always been successful – some easy going bowls (under the lights – need concentration) with friends and a beer or two …. we have, as I have said before, beautiful greens in an attractive setting on/in which to potter round!

Stay in touch!