Borrowing & Sharing of Golf Equipment

Question 1:

On the first teeing ground a competitor realises that they only have 13 clubs in their bag, as they have left their new putter in their car. They send a friend to fetch it and borrow a fellow competitor’s putter on the first two holes, until their friend returns with their own club. What is the ruling?

a) No penalty has been incurred because the player started their round with only 13 clubs.
b) The player incurs a penalty of one stroke.
c) The player incurs a penalty of two strokes.
d) The player incurs a penalty of four strokes.


Answer 1:

d) The player incurs a penalty of four strokes.

Note: A player must not add or borrow any club selected for play by any other person playing on the course. Rule 4-4a. The penalty is two strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred with a maximum penalty per round of four strokes (two strokes at each of the first two holes during which any breach occurred).


Question 2:

Which of the following items is a player permitted to borrow from another person playing on the course?

a) Wet suit.
b) Tee.
c) Ball marker.
d) Golf balls.
e) Driver.
f) Distance measuring device (assuming a Local Rule permits their use).


Answer 2:

All of the above, except e) Driver.

Note: The Rules do not prevent a player from borrowing any item of equipment, other than a club, from another player, or from an outside agency.


Question 3:

a) Does a player who loans a club to another competitor also get penalised when it is used to make a stroke?
b) May the player who loans a club continue to use the same club themselves for the remainder of their round?


Answer 3:

a) No. Rule 4-4a.
b) Yes. Decision 4-4a/12.


Question 4:

May a four-ball or foursome partners share a bag of 14 clubs between them?

Answer 4:

Yes, providing they do not have more than 14 clubs between them. Rule 4-4b.


Question 5:

a) May a caddie carry the equipment of two players and give advice to both of them?
b) May one player have a caddie to carry his bag and another person to give him advice?


Answer 5:

a) Yes. A caddie may be shared between two players and may give advice to them both.

Definition of Caddie.
b) No. players are limited to one caddie at any one time. Rule 6-4.


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