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Dear Residents of Estate 1 and Estate 2

Through CIC (the Common Interest Council) we have successfully consolidated our security services across the entire Estate by utilizing the same service provider – Excellerate (previously known as Enforce Security).  With effect from 1st May 2018, Excellerate will now extend their security services and guarding on Estate 1 as well as Estate 2. We feel confident that Excellerate is the right Security to take on this massive task.

After the tenders had gone out, Michelle Kramer, an independent Security Consultant from IDME Consulting was brought in to assess the presentation of each and every security firm and to gauge the depth of understanding each security firm had of our entire Estate and our future needs.

Michelle comes from an extensive security background including work with Blue Security and Chubb as well as over 16 years as a police woman before setting up IDME Consulting an independent Consulting Company focusing on Security, Safety & Risk Consulting and Auditing. Her sole objective in launching IDME Consulting was focused on Service Delivery and ensuring Accountability & Measurability with Service Providers.

Michelle was instrumental in the tender process on a number of issues.  The most important was the negotiation of price and services, the drafting of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the assessment of technology used on both Estates.

The Service Level Agreement is the crux of any security initiative and it highlights all expectations and defines the measurability procedures ensuring the best possible service. Michelle is currently writing the standard operating procedures and incorporating measurables for the future management of our security services.

Going forward, Michelle will be the instrumental in ensuring that the SLA is adhered to based on a penalty and critical failure system that has far reaching consequences.  Through a number of checks and balances, Excellerate will be held accountable across all the security services they provide.

One of Michelle’s top objectives is to coordinate the merging of the 2 Estate’s security systems under one banner and ensure the SLA and operating procedures are adhered to and measured. Michelle will work as a team with the two Estate Security Managers to bring the Estates into alignment. Michelle has been employed for the next 6 months to smooth this alignment.

Peter Hean                                           Desiree Stone
Estate  1 Manager                                Estate 2 Manager


After 12 years of serving Mount Edgecombe Estate 2, we are now  proud to be the joint security service provider for Mount Edgecombe Estate 1. Our professionally trained staff members are always available to assist in any circumstance, and we have made it our mission to provide #Thatmuchmore.


Anthony Feuilherade
Business Development Director
Excellerate Services

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